Character Interview: Philipp Kessler’s Malcolm Downing

  It was a simple protection spell, what could possibly go wrong? Everything and then some! Sandra Blackwell wants to help her friend find peace and protection after a nasty break up. Little did she know that Elaine’s home was already under protection – if you call flickering lights and depression protection. After the bulbs… Read More Character Interview: Philipp Kessler’s Malcolm Downing

#YourNextFavoriteAuthor 10/10/2016 Writing Prompt-Innocence

When did innocence become synonymous with childlike or naïve? I think innocence became synonymous when people started forgetting there’s many ways to be innocent outside of childhood.  Even though the current connotations align with purity and simplicity (such as an innocent time), it also implies a lack of corruption due to knowledge and forced actions.… Read More #YourNextFavoriteAuthor 10/10/2016 Writing Prompt-Innocence