Standing Beside You

Illustration of a blank tombstone

Today has been tough, I know what you saw
A trusted companion, a friend through it all
No longer beside you, at least the way that it feels
Today is forever, broken, and real

They came forth to give you, that stranger who cared
A memory, a love, a bus pass to joy coded with fare
Whenever you saw them, you nod with a smile
They gave back the wave, with joy to fill the miles

While around you the world turned surreal, dark, and bleak
Your friend is beside you, a strong arm of support when you are weak
Together you are fearless, when facing your foes
Together you are tireless when defeating your woes

A friend has gone on, and now the world has gone black
A year, a life, a memory unpacks
The laughter they brought you, bright sun in the gloom
The joy shared together that filled every room

Parted too early, with so much left to do
Parted too early leaving only just you
Now the strength that you shared, that you nurtured and grew
Not seems as fragile as the cold morning dew

Yet somehow life moves on, and drags you along
Be at peace my dear friend, I hear your voice in a song
You stand here beside me, around me, and inside
Though no longer living, in my heart you reside.



Plans, ideas, disruptions

Albrecht Dürer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

And now I lay me down this oath to keep
A prayer, a wish, I need that’s steep

To one above, I swear this now
I will not forsake the pre-order vow

By end of month, this work to you
I will up load for other’s view

And if I fail, my promise keep
Then ever more the depths I reep

So with this prayer I solemnly give
I pray for all to know I live.



This has been running through my head since Wednesday, January 13,2016 when I got word back on the latest manuscript going out for publication.  There were a few big-ish problems, and it was recommended I delay the release.  I double checked with Amazon, and discovered I was caught in a double bind – if I delayed, I would not be able to set up another pre-order for twelve months, and if I didn’t get the final copy uploaded by the 21st, I would find myself in the same place.

I have worked feverishly on correcting the problems pointed out in the early chapters, and have gone through to verify there were no other major upsets lurking in any of the later pages.  If all goes well, I should have the final notes in from all the readers by Monday, which means with a little luck, a LOT of late nights, and no major new issues cropping up, my prayer will be answered.

Beslynx Spiritwalker’s novella WILL go out on time!  Now, if you will excuse me, I still have 30 or so pages to finish self-proofing before I enlist the aid of the next round of read/critique partners.  Blessed be!