Who am I?

I am a recent graduate from our local college with a masters degree, so am just now getting started on my “real” career.  I have always been a helping type, so I am hoping this time the career I’ve selected lets me do what I love to do – help.  I have also loved reading, hearing, or telling a rousing good tale.  I am trying to marry the two loves into a schedule I can live on.  Often both desires are more than a full-time commitment.

Oh, and let’s not forget the other personal biggie – I’m a night owl.  If it’s before noon, I can pretend to be functional, but that’s just the caffeine talking.  If I go too many days before 10 AM, even a direct infusion of caffeine isn’t enough to make me a nice person to be around.  And, for some reason most of the world seems to think that a good time to start work is 7:30 to 8:00 AM.  Umm, how about we just go ahead and skip the write ups, bad attitudes, and general unpleasantness that I become?  I’ll do us all a favor, and look at something that lets me cater to my lazy morning tendencies.

Sound good to you?

Me too.

Thing is, I’m not really all that lazy.  I think better at night, and my muse tends to visit me at the most God awful hours of the morning.  So, I tend to wind up writing late into the wee hours of the morning, which is part of why I’m such a nightmare when I have to be up before noon.  I admit, writing for me can be as enthralling as reading.  There are times I’ll be in the middle of writing something, and have to walk away for a day or two in order to indulge a reading binge.

Another thing, which I’m sure you’re noticing already… I talk.  A lot.  For some reason, I have yet to define, I always do my best to answer in the most thorough manner possible.  This often leads to an encyclopedia answer.

If you’re trying to get to know me a little better, then I have just the resources you’ve been looking for.  Here is the list of interviews others have given me.  They were a fun experience, and a bit strange.  I’m used to being on the other side of the table.  There are a few more interviews or tours in the works (aren’t there always?), and as they go live, I’ll add them to the growing list.


  • A Chance to Know Me – Hosted on The Story Reading Ape’s Blog, this is an article where you get to know a little more about me, how my story developed, and why I write. (Besides, this blog has some really, really good information.  Highly recommend checking it out.)
  • Author Interview: K. Caffee – Hosted on Young’s A Harem Boy’s Saga blog, this is an interview where I discuss the changes that my books have undergone, with an emphasis on the growing social issue of feral children.
  • 20 questions with Charles McGregory – Hosted on live journal
  • Author Interview – Hosted on Marcia Martin’s blog, you get a chance to see and learn more about the author behind the books.  This interview focuses on the Followers of Torments series
  • Another wonderful Author Interview – Hosted on Ailsa Abram’s blog.  Again, it’s focused on my series, but we talk about so much more.
  • Hosted by Charity Bradford, here’s another interview for you to enjoy



Comments and questions welcome.

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