There’s a new movement coming to town.  With any writing, there’s always the trouble of finding an audience; on the flip side as a reader, there’s always the trouble of wading through the new books to find a new favorite author.

So, you ask:  What is the new movement?  It’s a large group of authors and readers banding together to bring you a selection of books and authors that may contain #YourNextFavoriteAuthor.  We are over 2000 members strong, and are working tirelessly to help you discover and be discovered new connections.  We’re present on TwitterFacebook, and various blogs.  As part of the group, I’ve dedicated this page to help us all stand out.

The home blog can be found Here, and is run by our founder Lucinda Moebius.  Since she’s gone through the trouble of explaining what we’re doing, I’ll hand the page over to her for a moment.

WELCOME! We have created a great group here. We started as your typical “Here, buy my book” group, but due to the nature of our members we have developed a series of promotional plans that involve members working together to build each other’s promotional platform. Join in on the games (Right now we are playing a game called “King of the Hill”) and join in on our promotional plans. Post questions and promote your work. Enjoy!

Yes, we’re a promotional group.  However, we’re also striving to help readers find authors they can be friends with (along with all the wonderful characters that come with.)  So, let’s saddle up, and jump right on into the fun.  I’ve set up some links (the peachy-colored lines) to help make moving around the page a little easier, so come on in, nose around, and (perhaps) find your next favorite author.

Blog Tours, Author Spotlights, Writing Prompts

Blog Tours

Lucinda Moebius 

Morgan Smith 

Alvin Atwater

Jenna Whittaker

D. L. Gardner

Rosalie Redd

Blog Tours, Author Spotlights, Writing Prompts

Author Spotlights

(5/24/16) Lucinda Moebius

(5/26/15) K. Caffee

(5/31/15) Morgan Smith

(6/02/15) Seven Steps

(6/07/15) Assaph Mehr

(6/9/15) David Finn

(6/11/15) Sanna Hines

(6/14/15) Alvin Atwater

(6/16/15) Jenna Whitaker

(6/18/15) Adriaan Brae

(6/21/15) Rosalie Redd

(6/23/15) Christie M. Stenzel

(6/28/15) Will Greenway

(6/30/15) Thomas Cardin

(07/05/16) Bob Glynn

(7/07/15) Dianne Gardner

(7/09/16) S. A. Hoag

(7/14/16) Elizabeth Munroe

(7/16/16) Eric Martell

(07/18/16) Adriaan Brae

(09/04/16) Merri Halma

(09/06/16) Terry Taylor Hobbs

(09/08/16) Bryan Caron

Blog Tours, Author Spotlights, Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

Tell about a time you (or your character) experienced a storm.

The S. S. Lynx: Learning to Speak (pt 1)

And you thought dragons didn’t exist….

I thought dragons were a myth (posted June 13)



Three Lines

Here there be Ghosts

Think about this…

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