Welcome to the Home Office

Avi 2-2

Welcome one and all to the Home Office of Pukah Works.  Before we get started, I’m gong to put up this warning:

I’m VERY long winded at times.  Short is not something I understand too well.

With the warning posted, on with the tour.  This is where the more sedate activities are corralled now that Pukah Works has grown so much.  Despite Pukah Works starting right here, it is not a static museum.  It continues to be a thriving piece of the overall conglomeration that makes up the special entity helping other authors and bloggers (along with myself) get discovered or find new readers.  As such, I’d like to give you a quick tour of the place.

In the menu above, two of the links actually take you to the other work areas.  Don’t worry, I’ve made sure there’s plenty of transportation to bring you home, I just had to spread out because there was too much going on here all the time and I flat ran out of room and time.  If you click on the “Alterraden” tab, that will take you to where all the world building, character interviews, and other background information for my books is now posted and/or stored.  The “Followers of Torments” tab will take you to  the set of pages where I keep information specific for the series – such as the chapter-by-chapter Behind the Scene series, as well as links to reviews I’ve received.  Especially if those reviews are not on one of the big sale platforms.

The rest of the tabs are for the Office itself.

There’s two types of information in the following pages:  cross promotion and (I hope) helpful information.

Cross Promotion

The first cross promotions that I’ve set up are the author and character interviews.  You can find those through the “Interview” tab.  Everyone who has stopped by is linked to one of three variations on that page – grouped by the year they’ve visited, grouped by the genre they write in, and listed alphabetically.  I figured you’d probably prefer the genre list, so that is the page you come to first.  If you prefer to read through the list in date order, or search to see if someone’s stopped by, there are links to the appropriate pages as well.

The second cross promotions are through the #YourNextFavoriteAuthor page. While most of the information I’m posting is mirrored on the home blog for this group, I’m active enough to make sharing the content worthwhile.  (Not to mention, it’s another way for you to potentially discover your next favorite author.)

The next set of cross promotions you can find are the Special Events.  Just click on the tab with that name.  These are campaigns my fellow authors are running to promote their books, events they are hosting on Facebook, new releases I’m helping to spread word about, and any big sales that are coming down the pipe.  So, be sure to check in periodically to discover any new events you can join in, or help with.

The last set of cross promotions are designed specifically for my fellow bloggers.  That is the tab labeled “In the Neighborhood”.  Here, I’ve listed the blogs that I follow – most are sites here on WordPress, but a few are on other sites.  I cannot guarantee the destination blog has a return link, though I did set them up to open in a new window for you.

Helpful Articles

The tab that’s titled “Helpful Articles” has information for writers and bloggers alike.  These articles focus on writing tips, building your writer’s platform (at least as far as I’ve managed to get – there’s always going to be more to learn.), and opinions on the graphic side of any type of writing.  I stated above that, while these articles contain information, I do recognize these are from personal experience, so also include a lot of personal opinion.  They do provide a peek into my writing style as well as my writing process.

The next set of helpful articles are completely my opinion – that’s what book reviews are: the reader’s opinions.  Hopefully your opinion and mind line up most of the time, or are at a constant distance apart which allows my reviews to be helpful for you to find a new favorite book friend.  I’ve organized the listings two ways:  by genre (which is what comes up when you first click into the reviews) and by my ratings.

Insights Into Who I Am

I provide those insights in two ways.  The first is through my “Who Am I?” page.  It’s a little snapshot of who I am and what’s led me to where I am.

The second is through my “Writing Experiments”.  This is where you can find a list of this year’s flash fiction, drabbles, poetry, and short stories that I’ve written.  At the end of the year these pieces are pulled down and I’ll start fresh again next year.  (Exception:  I’ll leave December’s pieces up until February so everyone has a chance to read them.)


Congratulations, you’ve survived the tour.  For your efforts, I have a little surprise for you over Here.  If the link’s not working it’s because I’m either changing where it goes, or I’m out of material to use at the moment.


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