Welcome to the Home Office

Avi 2-2Before we get started on the welcome speech, let me give you a quick nickle tour.  Pukah works grew so much that we needed to expand.  Rather than rent out warehouse space next door (and next door to that, and the warehouse beyond that) I convinced my pukah to let me open the doors to their home world.

The “Alterraden Home” link above will take you to their world where you can discover more about the places, deities, and races that inhabit their reality with them.

The “Followers of Torments” option will take you on a tour through the Followers of Torments saga, along with the companion novellas that sprang up to accompany it.

And, the “Office Home” link will bring you right back here to this page, where you started from.

There are a couple of series that you may find interesting.

The First is the “Helpful Articles” series.  There are actually two series within this group.  The first is focused on helping gamers who wish to break into writing do so.  The second is focused on helping new (and sometimes not-so-new, but equally lost) authors build up their author platform and brand.

To be honest the next series is one I’m not actually running, though I am responding to some of the prompts and questions.  I’m only mirroring it here to help give it a little extra exposure.  That is the #YourNextFavoriteAuthor, which is one of the menu options.  That will take you over to Lucinda Moebius’ blog, where she is doing a tremendous job of helping independent and small press science fiction and fantasy authors get some extra notice.  Why not head on over, and take a look?  You might actually find your next favorite author in the ones she’s highlighted.  (Link opens in a new window – we’re working on getting a link back.)

The last option is the “Special Events” page.  If there is a big event coming up, a special promotion, or an author-run campaign for other science fiction or fantasy authors that I hear about, I try to get it listed there.  Sometimes I find out about them with too little time to help out, though there are a couple of big events listed right now you may want to check out.

Along the side, I’ve rearranged a little to add the list of categories for all the Office’s paperwork.  Since that incorporated a couple of the previous menu options (like the reviews, and all the interviews) those options have been removed to simplify the navigation around here.

This concludes the nickle tour of the Office.  Feel free to look around and see what has migrated to the new space, and what has stayed here.  I have tried to impress on the pukah that stayed that we need to leave the halls (and links) open, and I have done my best to make sure there are no dead ends or blank halls left.  However, pukah being pukah, they may decide to add their ten cents into the navigation with an unexpected prank or two.  If you run into a bad link, or dead end hall, please let me know.  I’ll double check, and either clear the obstruction or fix the link if I can.

With that said, I offer a warm welcome, and a place to sit and chat.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


66 thoughts on “Welcome to the Home Office

        1. So far, I haven’t had anything but fantasy sink its teeth into my idea center. Though, with my other love being sci-fi, it wouldn’t surprise me if I didn’t have a few either sci-fantasy or actual sci-fi emerge in time.


  1. Ha Ha love your chatter… I am the same my fingers are an extension of my mouth…generally one word comments I really don’t do and also my day is others night and vice versa so i’ll probably get you at your best..my best is 3am or whenever I wake and the gears just start whirring…hubbie is used to it….ha ha but when you have to write you have to…..and schedules..don’t get me started …I’m going..byeeeeee 🙂

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