Welcome to the Home Office

Avi 2-2

Welcome one and all to the Office segment of Pukah Works.  Before we get started, I’m gong to put up this warning:

I’m VERY long winded at times.  Short is not something I understand too well.

Despite Pukah Works starting right here, it is not a static museum.  It continues to be a thriving conglomeration that continually works on finding ways to help authors and bloggers (along with myself) get discovered or find new readers.  As such, I’d like to give you a quick tour of the place.

The tabs above are to help in navigating around the Home Office. Since I don’t have a convenient filing cabinet, and am not the most organized, I wanted to make sure we could all find where I put things. As new categories of organization come up, I’ll add those tabs to the binder as well.

I have three basic types of information set up right now. Helpful information, Talent Scouting, and Insights.

Helpful Articles

The tab that’s titled “Helpful Articles” has information I hope authors and bloggers alike will find helpful.  These articles focus on writing tips, building a platform, and opinions on the things I’ve learned, discovered, or come across in my own journey.  I do recognize that while they have information, I do not know everything. As such, they may be woefully incomplete compared to what you already know.

Talent Scouting

The scouting I’m doing comes in a couple of sub-categories: Interviews and Reviews.

Feel free to read through the authors and characters who have stopped by to visit. They have kindly provided a glimpse into their lives (and books) for us to enjoy.

I’m also an avid reader. Since I’m sure I’m not the only one, I’ve left my thoughts on any books I’ve come across. Though my favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction, I have been known to pick up a book from other genres as well. I do give it my honest attempt to let each story stand on its own, without bringing the genre expectations in while reading. I like to take a story on its own merits.

The other bit of talent scouting I do is designed for just bloggers. It’s what I call “In the Neighborhood” and is a list of useful, or interesting, blogs that I’ve come across. Unlike the other areas, though, this one is more a static list. I’m not a good enough coder to figure out how to make the list more organic.


This area is focused on who I am as a person, author, and blogger. I cover this in two ways: Interviews with others, and offering up some of my own writing experiments. The interviews tab is another static page that I add to when I’ve gone to another interview, and offers a peek into the ordered chaos I inhabit.

The Writing Experiments come in many forms. Even though this is a organic collection, I reset it every year. These experiments come in the form of: flash fiction, drabbles, poetry, and short stories.  I use these pieces as a way to develop new writing skills, experiment with different writing styles, kick at an idea jam to get my writing going again, or to jot down a possible story idea that insists on being written, even though it does not belong in the story I’m currently working on for publication.

If you’ve missed work from previous years, don’t worry. After I’ve polished it a little, I will put it back up as an anthology for you to download. Right now, the plans are to leave the anthologies up free for the taking, but that might change in time. I still haven’t decided on that, yet.

Now that you’ve had the nickle’s worth tour, please feel free to wander around and see what catches your attention. Please enjoy your stay at The Home Office, and leave a comment if you have any questions, concerns, or come across something you really enjoyed.

Comments and questions welcome.

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